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Surely you have often admired the success of celebrities such as Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Welch, and David Beckham? You’ve probably wondered how they did, and what is the secret of their fame? At first glance, you might have concluded that they have the talent and knowledge in what they do, otherwise, they would not come where they come. Well, you’re only partly right. They definitely have the talent but they also have that “something”. That “something” we call personal brand. This magic word we recently tied mainly for products and from recently we mark people as a brand too. In simple terms a professional – it is the total value of an individual to withstand the other individuals in the market, emphasizing their uniqueness, superiority, and value. The aim of the brand is the acceptance by consumers, colleagues, competition, and the company, but not only that. Simply the main feature of the brand is to be admired, it becomes a role model and to create trends!

Big companies understand very well what they are and how important brands are – about the popularity in the world speaks enough about miscellaneous events and millions that flow into campaigns and advertising. In some cases, brands are more powerful than the government and widely recognized by national flags. Today, in an era where individuality and authenticity reigns, you should be the brand for yourself, regardless of whether you are at the beginning or at any other level of your career.
Career has to be built, not to wait for it, so it is best to know as early as possible what is it that drives the passion in you, which is a job where you will hardly wait for Friday. If this vision gains during the study, it is better! If not, it is never too late to consider again what it is that makes you happy personally.

If you decided to embark on the uncertain path of employment and changing jobs or start your own, it is good to know that your career is not your subset – career is you. And it is what you should brand.


What is the brand?

A brand is a promise of value that it receives – harvest what has been sown. Because you are not able to say what will happen in the future, it is best to focus on the real sowing seeds strictly follow the process and wait for the harvest. For a start, refine your behavior and focus on achieving superior results. Without exceptions. You can influence this more ith practice, a habit that excels will slowly instill in you and become as natural as breathing or circulation. Behavior. And the results! With this, you set a strong foundation for your future.

How to become a brand?

It’s time to master the lesson of big brands, those operations that fail for everyone who is interested in succeeding in the labor market.

Watch yourself as a product, regardless of age, position, regardless of the industry you are in. And it is you who should lead the brand campaign! What awaits you is to intervene in the market full of a lot of free agents and build your own micro equivalent of the Nike or Apple, and hope for a good season. The good news is that today everyone has a chance to learn, improve their skills, and build skills. Everyone has a chance to leave a mark, just as they do the auditing company (who has not heard of Merrill Lynch), restaurants like McDonalds or clothing such as Zara.

At first, a word or two about humility: it is absolutely desirable to stay normal on your business trip. However, on the job interview often there is no one who would rather talk nice about you, what many people forget. True, you will have a more or less formal recommendation in which the third person says about you, but if you decided to “sell yourself” as a product, be prepared that, just as a good PR, tell key messages of your brand. Alone. Here is briefly what exactly can help you on the path of recognizing what is your brand and to accelerate you.

Be the best at what you do. Being the best means to be an eminent professional, reliable friend, a passionate lover, a dangerous fighter, a colleague and a fully understanding best man. Engage yourself, surround to work, learn, be curious, explore, and never, but never, do not be in first gear. Whatever you do. What more do you want to recognize you? What personally makes you different compared to the other “products”? Choose three things. At least three. And be consistent in the exercise of these traits – remember the moment when you do the opposite, you have destroyed the brand. Fill therefore expectations without exception, do not let that the built reputation collapsed due to negligence.
Excel immediately. Wherever you are! That is how Jonar Nader gives advice: “It is better to learn to cook, but to master only one recipe”. And another thing: to become the best at what we’re doing now does not mean you have to stay in that profession. Success is in you, not in your current business position, be the best because of you, not managers. Now, not ideal when you get the coveted job – do not let mediocrity become your specialty. Thus will soon (of course, do not expect overnight anything) happens to not ask for more work, but to sell their expertise to a significantly different position to negotiate pay and conditions.
Your personal needs you have to maintain no matter what is your organization, and whether your boss deserves it or not, whether your salary enough motivate or not, and most important: no matter whether the company is investing in you or not. You are the master of your own personal development and even if you do not like the roof of the house where you are, nothing prevents you inside her exercise and stay in shape. Your career is your thing: feel free to combine your talents and energy to create our own opportunities, not to have exhausted with the desire for a single job, and save energy for the time you will be director of marketing or sales.

Anyone can become a brand if he/she really wants to. You should learn what to turn yourself into the most expensive product that people will want to “buy”. It does not matter what job you do or how you look. It is important how much you are willing to put in yourself and your future.

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