Who’s hiring and are they worth it?

Who’s hiring and are they worth it?

By Sam Bauer

In my previous posts, I talked about what companies are expecting from the hiring process and which companies are taking care of their workers during Covid 19. Now it’s time to tackle a more basic question: who even is hiring these days and are they worth a resume? 

Before I get into the raw data, I want to first define what I mean when I say a company is “worth it”. A company that is worth it will fairly compensate you for what you are being asked to do. Working an all night shift for minimum wage with no benefits isn’t worth it in the long run because you are earning a wage at the cost of your health. All other judgment calls like career advancement and company culture are decisions that the individual will have to make on their own. But whether or not a company will treat their employees like people is a universal concern. 

These companies are hiring and they have been vetted through independent fact checkers:

Cisco – 1,200 positions

NVIDIA – 700 positions

Procter & Gamble – 600 positions

Apple – 600 positions 

Baxter International – 600 positions

Biogen INC – 500 positions

General Mills – 300 positions

HP – 300 positions

Texas Instruments – 240 positions

Allstate – 150 positions

The New York Times – 100 positions

Humana – 100 positions

Ford Motor Company – 100 positions

The Clorox Company – 100 positions 

General Motors – unknown  

*This list was made with help from Just Capital.

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