Which companies are taking care of their employees during Corona-virus

By Sam Bauer

It’s easy to talk about which industries are doing well during the pandemic. Streaming services have seen record increases in viewership, Costco’s bulk buying has become more attractive, and against all odds, people are buying Goya beans like there is no tomorrow. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is set to become the world’s first trillionaire because of Covid. But profit in those industries doesn’t mean that the entry level workers are seeing the same benefits. I’m not going to call them unskilled workers, I’m a firm believer that there is no unskilled labor, just undervalued skills. There has been an increase in worker complaints for Amazon, and it would not be an unfair assertion that the working environment has gotten worse in spite of Amazon’s continued success.

So who is taking care of their workers? Forbes does have an exhaustively researched list of the best companies to work in every industry. Unfortunately, it was written in 2019 and doesn’t factor in a global pandemic. Just Capital created a ranking system for the top 100 US companies committed to their workforce but even better, it has Covid Corporate tracker, which allows you to look up most major american corporations and see what benefits they are offering their stakeholders (links below). Time to do a little cross-referencing and see which names pop up the most.

  • Facebook*- offering paid leave to parents who need to take care of children out of school.
  • Zillow*- allowing employees to work from home for the rest of 2020.
  • Cisco- commits to no layoffs during 2020.
  • ServiceNow- commits to no layoffs and plans on creating 1,000 US jobs.
  • Black Rock- commits to no layoffs and no pay cuts even if employees can’t come back to work.
  • Microsoft*- offering back up care for the children and elderly relatives of workers.
  • Alphabet*- offering financial assistance and paid sick leave.
  • General Mills*- offering back up care and financial assistance.

*Companies that appeared on all three lists
I’d like to end this post with a huge thank you to anyone who does independent fact checking. You areamazing and criminally underappreciated.

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