Staying positive during a job search

Maintaining a positive attitude during your job search can help you land the job of your dreams. Finance and Accounting are highly competitive fields that attract many ideal candidates. You may be frustrated while searching for a particular finance position in a firm that you are interested in. However, your anxiety to get hired can cost you the job.

These are a few tips on how to stay positive during your job search:

  1. Enjoy the process

Wake up in the morning, smile in your mirror and have a good breakfast. Then, take your cup of coffee, sit at your desk and turn on your computer thinking that today is the day, today you are landing the job of your dreams. Maintaining a positive attitude helps you manifest your willpower to get a job. Moreover, your positive attitude can make your cover letter and resume shine, but most importantly, can make you shine during a job interview. This is what you want, isn’t it?

  1. Know what you are looking for

Take a minute and think about what you want to achieve with your job search. Is it a satisfaction of your ego? Is it to prove to prove to yourself that you are not left outside the job market while all other people advance? Do you plan to get long-term employment? Are you interested in a finance job where you will be able to apply your skills and expertise? If you know what you want from your job search, you will be able to look for the proper job postings, thus feeling less disappointed.

  1. List the things that make you happy

It may seem like a waste of time, but an off-putting job search can easily trap you into negative thinking. Many competent job candidates lose the opportunity of getting hired because of their disappointment. Take a minute and think about the things that make you happy. List all the things that you are grateful for in life. Boost your self-appreciation by listing down your achievements. Appreciate the fact that you have family, friends, health, and a willingness to advance yourself and your career.

  1. Keep yourself busy

If you have recently lost your employment, it may be difficult to stay at home, looking for a new job. Make sure to keep yourself busy to avoid the spiral of negativity and pessimism. List your daily chores. Schedule your job search. Allow yourself to relax. Go out and meet a friend for lunch. Exercise. Volunteer at an organization you like. Do anything that can keep you busy along with your job search.

  1. Do not give up

You should not allow yourself to give up. If you give up, you will never get a job. And the answer to keeping yourself going is positive thinking. The answer to your future employer’s question “Why you think you would be the perfect match for this job?” is your enthusiasm. The secret to this enthusiasm is your positive attitude.

  1. You cannot fool the hiring manager

Hiring managers are interviewing candidates every day, thus being able to understand who is enthusiastic about getting the job and who is distressed about the entire job search process. By carrying around negativity about your previous employer, feeling aggravated and hurt, you victimize yourself. You may be right about the reasons that make you feel so distressed, but while looking for a new job, you should be able to overcome all past feelings and situations. Negativity does not help you overcoming your feelings of agony. On the contrary, you are more likely to turn off your hiring manager, leading them to disqualify you as a candidate.

Job seeking can be really frustrating. Sometimes, it is also a game of luck. Make sure to utilize your resources effectively and to maintain a positive attitude in your job search. Landing a job in such tough economic times may also be a coincidence, but, even if you fail, you will know that you did your best!

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