How to handle tough questions in a job interview

How to handle tough questions in a job interview

Being interviewed for a job can become very embarrassing due to a set of tough questions. Yet, these questions may be critical to your overall performance. Therefore, when interviewed for a job, not only you should expect tough questions, but you should also be able to deal with them.

Here are some tough questions that you may encounter during a job interview:

“Can you tell me about yourself?

Most hiring managers are starting the interview with this question seeking to uncover your communication skills and self-confidence. Do not get trapped into a lengthy speech. Try to describe yourself with a summary of your skills and competencies, focusing on your accomplishments.

“How did you prepare for this interview?”

Most hiring managers expect you to have done research on the company and be familiar with what it does. Furthermore, depending on the finance position you are applying for, you are expected to know how big the company is; if they trade on the stock exchange, etc. If you answer this question properly, you show that you are really interested in the position and enthusiastic to participate in the interview process.

“What’s your greatest accomplishment in your past job?”

When asked this question, make sure to show you are an initiative-taker. With this question, the interviewers are, usually, seeking to compare your past accomplishments to the applied position. Make sure to discuss an accomplishment that demonstrates a good attitude, but it is also comparable to your job objective.

“What do you think about work-life balance?”

This question requires a lot of attention. If you can balance your personal and professional life while taking care of your issues, your interviewer will think of you as a balanced individual. Take your time and bring up appropriate examples where you had to cope with between work and personal life and what you did to balance them out.

 “Can you tell me a career failure you have experienced?”

Be honest about your failures. With this question, the interviewers are usually seeking to understand if you can accept criticism. It is typical to have experienced failures during your career, but if you have accepted responsibility, you will convince your interviewer that you want to improve yourself.

“How do you deal with the workload?”

With this question the hiring manager expects you to demonstrate how you deal with the workload; if you are complaining and so on. Your answer will show your commitment to work as well as your willingness to work long hours. Just make sure you discuss an example that matches your career objectives.

“Why did you apply for this position?”

This question is similar to “Why do you think you are a good candidate for this position?” Nevertheless, when asked this question, you are expected to demonstrate the skills and competencies that make you the perfect fit for the particular job position. Are you good in financial statement analysis? Are you an expert in capital budgeting? Do you love valuation? Whatever you think that can make you get the job, explain it to the interviewer.

No matter how well-prepared you are going to an interview, if you are not ready for these delicate interview questions, you won’t be able to pass with flying colors. So, practice on these tough questions, and make your interview an enriching experience.

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