How to Build a Resume

By Meghan Jarret

Studies have shown that it takes 30 seconds or less for recruiters to look at your resume and decide to consider you for the job. A resume may only be what the hiring manager looks at, so it is crucial to have a professionally written resume to apply with to stand out.

Firstly, it is extremely important that your resume is clear and easy to read. It’s recommended that you use an easy to read font, such as Times New Roman or Calibri, that is no smaller than 10pt. Within the 30 seconds that recruiters have to look at your resume, this could make or break the decision to invite you to an interview.

Next, you should display your name and contact information visibly so that recruiters can easily access this information to contact you about the next steps of the job application process. After, you should then include relevant education, job experience, leadership opportunities, and skills that you can offer to the position. The goal of your resume is to showcase all of your experience and capabilities that set you apart from other applicants in the job pool.

In each section of your resume, make sure they are labelled properly to demonstrate what you will be discussing in that section. In these sections, utilizing a bullet point list is the clearest way for job recruiters to see your relevant experience and the types of tasks and projects were completed. The more specific you are in your descriptions of work experience, leadership opportunities, skills, and education, the greater vision the job recruiter has of you as a candidate.

Because professional resumes are difficult to perfect, our resume writers have years of experience in the recruiting profession and can personally help you work on your resume. Through this collaborative process, clients and resume writers will work together one-on-one to optimize your full potential in the professional field. By utilizing this resource, you can increase your chances of having your resume selected at first glance by job recruiters!

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