BLS Team is Hiring

BestLogic Staffing (BLS) is always looking to grow and succeed through others. We are a highly driven group of individuals all looking to find the perfect life through the opportunities being created at BLS. While our inter-team accountability is fierce and our standards are sky-high, we are also a family that works hard together and has fun together.

The Leadership Team’s mission statement is as follows:  The mission of BestLogic Staffing is to become the leading technical staffing and recruiting company in the United States. This guides every decision we make at every turn, as it’s our duty and obligation to be the vehicle for our people’s success.

Please continue to learn more about us, the culture of our company and specific career opportunities at our career page. We look forward to possibly connecting with you and determining whether or not we can be the vehicle for your long-term career success.

Interested in Sales?

Have you ever considered getting started in the staffing and recruiting world?  Are you a seasoned sales representative that is just looking for something different?

BLS is actively looking for New Sales Representative to join our ever-growing team of successful Staffing Representative at our Wethersfield, CT location supporting the North East. 

We’d love for you to be part of our award-winning team!  Just call us at 860-251-9593 and we will help you get started, even if you don’t ultimately decide to join our company.  At the very least, we can help point you in the right direction. 

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