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Aerospace Engineer


We are looking for an Aerospace Engineer to join our team to develop designs for new aircraft and repair and review existing aircraft. Aerospace Engineer responsibilities include drafting proposals for new aircraft designs, testing new materials and prototypes for future production and reviewing the results to develop new products and parts for our aircraft.  Ultimately, you will work with a team of Engineers to improve the performance of our existing aircraft and help us develop innovative aircraft technologies.


  • Design and assemble control panels, propulsion systems, guiding systems, computer systems and other necessary parts and systems
  • Review, develop and improve production methods, facilities and safety regulations
  • Coordinate activities with production, research, testing and other departments to optimize safety and efficiency
  • Develop safety and quality standards, budgets and timelines and ensure projects comply with these regulations
  • Write design proposals, reports, manuals and other technical documents


  • Proven work experience as an Aerospace Engineer or similar role
  • Strong understanding of materials, mathematics, science, thermodynamics, mechanics, robotics, aerodynamics, production methods and potential safety and functionality problems and solutions
  • Excellent research, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication, project management and planning expertise
  • Proficiency with computers
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering is required

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