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How to apply for jobs online

Below is a summarized account of the necessary assets you must possess to apply for jobs online:

  • Resume: In order to apply to online jobs it’s crucial to have your resume ready and up to date. Since the employer will be basing you off your resume and cover letter it’s extremely important that it is polished.
  • Employment history: Make sure you know all of your employment history. Employers often want to know at least 10 years of employment history so make sure you are ready to deliver, even if it’s not on your resume.
  • Create an account: Creating an account on top job seeking sites will allow you to utilize features like Easy Apply. Creating an account can be a great way to streamline your application and cast a wider net.
  • Upload resume and info to account: Uploading your resume and relevant info to your online job seeking account can be a great way for recruiters and potential employers to further assess you as a candidate.
  • Search for jobs online: Now that you have created an account is time to start searching for jobs. Using keywords around the jobs you are looking for will help increase the efficiency of your job search.
  • Email communication: Most likely once you have moved to a further round in the job application process, an employer will reach out to you via email. It’s important to be readily available on email in order to have clear communication with a potential employer.
  • Employment tests: Often employers will want to test a candidate before they hire them. Online employment assessments are common today. These tests assess your hard as well as soft skills and let employers know if you would be a good fit for the role and company.
  • Follow ups: Once you have applied for a job or had an interview, it’s key to follow up with an employer and thank them for their time. This lets the interviewer know that you are appreciative and can handle yourself professionally.

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