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The Processes of Talent Management

Talent management includes a wide variety of processes and functions that range from recruitment to employee retention.

Below are some of the processes involved in talent management:

    • Job requisition
    • Recruitment planning
    • Job description (a process that should include team members)
    • Writing of job advertisement
    • Placement and continued optimization of job ad
    • Application review
    • Communication with candidate
    • Phone, online assessment, video, or screening interview
    • Interviews that include multiple employees and team members
    • Background checks and information verification
    • Extending a job offer
    • Negotiation or agreeing upon conditions
    • Employment contract signing
    • Employees first day and onboarding process
    • Welcoming a new employee and company introductions
    • Job training
    • Setting employee goals
    • Employee coaching, relationship building, and informal feedback
    • Formalized feedback such as employee performance reviews
    • Employee development and continued training
    • Career planning and career path trajectory
    • Promotions, lateral moves, transfers, referrals, internal hires
    • Employment termination either by choice or by discretion of employer